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What is the meaning of imposed finish in Chinese and how to say imposed finish in Chinese? imposed finish Chinese meaning, imposed finish的中文,imposed finish的中文,imposed finish的中文,translation, pronunciation, synonyms and example sentences are provided by
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主要翻譯 英語 中文 impose [sth] ⇒ vtr transitive verb: Verb taking a direct object–for example, “Say something.” “She found the cat.” (enforce, esp. by law) 強加 qiáng jiā 強制實行 The council has imposed a new parking tax. 委員會已經強制開始征收一種新的
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二零一九年根據《公司條例》被檢控的上市公司的定罪記錄 違規事項 見附註 罰款數額 港元)* Types of Breaches Fine

 · PDF 檔案Fine Imposed (HKD) * 一月 至 十二月 January to December 二零一九年根據《公司條例》被檢控的上市公司的定罪記錄 Conviction Record of Listed Companies Prosecuted Under the Companies Ordinance in 2019 103 大賀傳媒股份有限公司 1 $45,000
favorable ruling would open the door to new laws eliminating show business
CB(1)1786/13-14(01) 2014 條例草案》委員會
 · PDF 檔案CB(1)1786/13-14(01) 《2014年競爭(修訂)條例草案》委員會 因應2014年6月30日會議席上所作討論 而須採取的跟進行動一覽表 法案委員會要求政府當局 (a) 因應團體代表/個別人士在上述會議就《2014年競爭(修訂) 條例草案》(下稱”條例草案”)提出的意見及
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the fine imposed
Traduções em contexto de “the fine imposed” en inglês-português da Reverso Context : annul or reduce the amount of the fine imposed; The applicants furthermore submit that the amount of the fine imposed jointly and severally to the applicants exceeded for one of the applicants the limit of 10 % of the turnover.
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The fine imposed on Solexis must therefore not exceed EUR 25,619 million. L’ ammenda imposta a Solexis pertanto non deve essere superiore a 25619000 euro. in any event, to reduce the fine imposed on Shell Nederland Verkoopmaatschappij BV pursuant to the decision;
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the fine is more than €100.00 the first payment is made within 42 days of the fine being imposed by the court the first payment is equal to or greater than 10% of the fine. If you choose to pay by instalment you have one year and 42 days to pay the full fine.
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EUR 38m fine imposed on company
Article 23 of Regulation 1/2003 allows the Commission to impose a fine of 1% of the preceding year’s turnover on the company in the event that the said seal is broken intentionally or negligently. The Commission imposed a fine of EUR 38m on E.ON Energie AG, which amounted to approx. 0.14% of the company’s turnover of the preceding year as the seal of a room at the company’s premises had been
Vietnam Imposes Hefty Fines for Going Maskless
Those who fail to comply with the government’s directive will incur a fine of up to $13.00. In Vietnam, the per capita income is $2,715 as of December 2019, according to CEIC Data .
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of the fine imposed
Traduzioni in contesto per “of the fine imposed” in inglese-italiano da Reverso Context: The applicant concludes by putting forward two heads of complaint relating to the quantum of
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The offence is subject to a fine of $50,000, a further fine of treble the amount of the tax undercharged and 3-year imprisonment. (g) Compounding in lieu of prosecution under section 80(5) or 82(2) of any of the offences in (a) to (f).
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IHC imposes 0.5m fine on Nadra for blocking woman’s …

ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad High Court on Saturday has imposed Rs0.5 million as fine on the National Database and Registration Authority for blocking the CNIC of a woman
A fine of $31,875 was imposed on Waikato... - Waikato Regional Council | Facebook